'Red Misty Portrait' — Kyle Thompson
'The End' — Nguan
'Pink Illustration of Girl' — May Chua
'Kissing Image' — Alex Thebez
'Collage' — Sarah Eisenlohr
'Window + Bush' — Anthony Gerace

Issue Nº2—Believers

In our second issue, we reveal a diverse projection of individual views on being a believer. As we thread through each story with introspection, we explore the depth of our contributors’ beliefs—mainly the expressions of confidence, notions of existence, spiritual beliefs and that of being non-believers. Contributors include American authors Alissa Nutting and Jimmy Chen, conceptual artist Kyle Thompson, Singaporean photographer Nguan and acclaimed fine-art photographer Bill Armstrong.

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Issue Nº1—Absence

In our debut issue, Galavant explores word and imagery possibilities surrounding the theme, Absence. With twenty contributors from around the world—both as individuals and as collectives—we gather and unfold interpretations of the theme. Contributors include American novelist Tao Lin, VICE contributor Kat George, Chinese artist Cedric Yon and award-winning photographer Aaron Hobson amongst others.

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